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A paranormal romance mystery, layered with folklore, crammed with secrets, and sprinkled with a contemporary sense of humor.

the legend of twin oaks cover
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In the legendary town of Twin Oaks, what you don’t know can kill you.

No one believes Jacquelyn Greenwell that she was attacked by a Beastman, a member of a race believed to be extinct. Except Billy Tanner, the woodcutter’s son. Ever since this strange encounter when she was twelve years old, Jacquelyn can’t seem to shake the feeling that she is being watched.

As Jacquelyn grows, so do her feelings for her best friend, Fin Underwood. But it is Billy Tanner who gives her the attention she secretly craves. Struggling with her growing feelings for her best friend, Jacquelyn also must deal with her jealousy over her spoiled and beautiful younger sister, mean girls in her tutoring class, and her demanding mother. But soon all these problems get eclipsed by a far bigger one.

After a shocking event at the Founder’s Day Dance, Jacquelyn’s world is turned upside down. Just as life starts to go back to normal, Fin returns from an adventure and drops a bombshell on her: Twin Oaks has some dark, murderous secrets, and one of them is hiding in her circle of friends.